Why has Avenge Apollo's second LP taken soooo long to be released?
It is a little known fact that Brennan recorded the drum tracks for AA LP #2 in the summer of 2012. Soon thereafter, Jacob moved to the midwest, Avenge Apollo stopped playing shows and production on the record slowed to a halt. Production commenced once again a few years later and the record was completed in 2016 in anticipation of the reunion of Avenge Apollo.

What happened to Avenge Apollo from 2012ish to 2016ish?
Life happened. Jacob, Brennan, and Cole all graduated college and got careers. Jacob and Brennan ended up starting families and entering grad school. Life's opportunities took the members of Avenge Apollo to different states and the band went on a unplanned, indefinite hiatus. In 2016 the members of Avenge Apollo found themselves once again in New Mexico and plans were made to rekindle the fire of Avenge Apollo.

Why the name "Avenge Apollo"? What does it mean?
First of all, you have to understand that Brennan is obsessed with Rocky, and not just the first one but all of them. In Rocky IV, Apollo Creed gets killed in a fight with some Russian boxer so Rocky has to go and Avenge Apollo, get it? That's the short version.The long version is: in early 2006 Brennan and Jacob were sitting on a roasting hot bus for four hours and out of boredom they made a list of band names, some good and some shocking. One of the names that made the list was "Avenge Apollo." Then Brennan went to Costa Rica for two years. When he came back, he and Jacob started talking about making new music and what to change the name of the band to. Brennan was coming up with some pretty horrific band names when Jacob luckily remembered "Avenge Apollo" from the old list and suggested it, and the rest is punk rock history.

Why aren't you called The Plastics anymore?
Lots of reasons. For one, if you do a search there are about a million bands called The Plastics. And in the '80s there was a Japanese pop band called The Plastics. And everyone associates "The Plastics" with Mean Girls anyway. Also, we haven't performed as The Plastics since May of 2006. The new music is a little different and we have a new bass player, so it was a good way to start a new chapter in the punk rock history books.

Are you guys brothers?
Brennan and Jacob are brothers. Jacob is older, Brennan is younger. Our former bass player, Zachary, is also a brother and he is the youngest of the three, so he always got pushed around. Maybe that's why he left? For the record, when we were a band of three brothers anybody that compared us to Hanson or the Jonas Brothers got punched in the face. But now we have John, and he is not related to Jacob or Brennan, and he is grateful for that.

Why is your first record (as The Plastics) called "Shopping for Meat?"
In his younger days, Brennan was at the grocery store in the meat department when he saw quite possibly the hottest girl he had ever laid eyes on at that point in his life. Since he's not one to let an opportunity pass, Brennan quickly tried to strike up a conversation with her, but all he could come up with was, "Hey, so are you shopping for meat?" which is pretty smooth. Later, someone (no one can remember who) suggested the band call their first record "Shopping for Meat?" in honor of Brennan's skills with the ladies. The band vote was unanimous in the affirmative and Shopping For Meat? was born.

What is up with the shopping cart guy?
He's homeless apparently. He's not shopping either, so consequently he has no real connection to the whole Shopping For Meat? thing, he is just a homeless stick dude. The poor unlucky little stick dude is now not so unlucky after making his appearance on the SFM? record, which went like triple…linoleum. Then he got a fat royalty check and is not homeless anymore, and thus is no longer with us. Homeless stick dudes are cool and unusual, and a normal stick dude is just…normal. We are still good friends though (us and the stick dude) and he might make an appearance on a record in the distant future.

What is the song "Nachos" about?
It's about nachos actually, a tasty snack that consists of tortilla chips with melted cheese on them. No, just playing, it's about an experience that happened to us at T-Cab (Taco Cabana) in Albuquerque while we were eating nachos.Basically we had come from a Jason and the Argonauts show with much hunger, and as far as 24-hour joints go, T-Cab trumps all. So we were eating nachos and whatnot and a freaky girl in a Cub Scout shirt that was way too small came up and was all spittin' game at us. She had just came from the Senses Fail show and mistook us for SF kids. Anyway, Jacob and Brennan, in trying to ease the awkwardness (and find out with what intent the chick came over to their table) asked, "So…do you want some nachos or something?" Throughout this whole ordeal Zachary didn't even flinch, he just kept on, face hung low, shoveling in the nachos. It was funny.

What is the song "Wallace" about?
It's about the title character from the "Wallace and Gromit" movies. As you may already know, in their first movie together, A Grand Day Out, Wallace and Gromit build a rocket and take a vacation on the moon. Basically, it's about that. Also it's kind of about wishing you could get away from your crappy circumstances.

What is the song "Bloody Snow" about?
It's about pioneers crossing the Great Plains in search of opportunity and freedom. The pioneers endured harsh conditions including wind and snow and many had worn through the soles of their shoes. It has been recorded that some saw bloody footprints in the snow from the pioneer's bloody feet, walking in their worn-out shoes.

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