It's a long story...

It all began in 2003 in Rio Rancho, New Mexico when three brothers – Brennan (drums/vocals), Jacob (guitar/vocals) and Zachary Divett (bass/vocals) – started a band called The Plastics. They recorded the linoleum-selling album Shopping For Meat? and played countless shows.

Brennan and Jacob moved away in 2006 and the band went on hiatus, but in 2008, Brennan and Jacob returned to New Mexico, just as Zachary was leaving for Ohio. The trio played a "reunion" show and started planning for the future.

In June 2008 Brennan and Jacob announced that they would continue playing music as Avenge Apollo. They recruited Cole Neese for bass duties. The trio released Time To Go in December 2009, which also went linoleum and was #1 on their mom's iPod. They jumped right into playing shows and opened for many national acts.

Around 2012 Jacob, Brennan, and Cole all graduated college and got careers. Jacob and Brennan ended up starting families and entering grad school. Opportunities took the members of Avenge Apollo to different states and the band went on a unplanned, indefinite hiatus. 

In 2016 the members of Avenge Apollo found themselves once again in New Mexico and plans were made to rekindle the fire of Avenge Apollo. John Martineau joined on bass in 2016. Avenge Apollo released their second LP, Look Alive, in February 2017.

Brennan moved to the east in 2017 and Jacob and John were soon joined by Jon Alcala on drums.